Bracken House and Selston Common Grasslands
Location: Portland Road, Selston, Nottinghamshire, England. | Latitude: 53.070650. Longitude: -1.293270. | Altitude: 485 feet.

Aerial view - 31st December 2010

Photographs in this collection were taken three months after the landscaping project was completed. A new driveway has been laid to the front of the property and all the fields and the main drive now have gates. A paddock has been built around the stable block and a large pond, complete with decking, has been dug near the house. Paths have been cut into the meadows to the side and rear of the property and numerous trees planted.

Google map of Selston Common - 31/12/10
Selston Common (altitude 746 metres approximately)

Google map of Bracken House and land - 31/12/10
Bracken House and land (altitude 393 metres approximately)

Google map of Bracken House and gardens - 31/12/10
Bracken House and gardens (altitude 240 metres approximately)

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