Bracken House and Selston Common Grasslands
Location: Portland Road, Selston, Nottinghamshire, England. | Latitude: 53.070650. Longitude: -1.293270. | Altitude: 485 feet.

Aerial view - 31st December 2001

In the earliest aerial shots of the land, the house is still very much a working smallholding. The house is seen in its original state before any alterations were made. There is only one driveway onto the property, the area where the second drive now stands is still covered with scrub and bushes. The 2010 landscaping project restored a small wild native area to replace the bushes that were removed from here.

In the large field, a group of animals, can be seen grazing. The small pond in this field doesn't appear to be there, although there are markings on the ground where the pond is now located.

Google map of Selston Common - 31/12/01
Selston Common (altitude 2120 feet approximately)

Google map of Bracken House and land - 31/12/01
Bracken House and land (altitude 1210 feet approximately)

Google map of Bracken House and gardens - 31/12/01
Bracken House and gardens (altitude 760 feet approximately)

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