Bracken House and Selston Common Grasslands
Location: Portland Road, Selston, Nottinghamshire, England. | Latitude: 53.070650. Longitude: -1.293270. | Altitude: 485 feet.

Aerial view - 14th September 2016

Photographs in this collection were taken five years after the landscaping project was completed. Trees have developed in the meadows and at the top of the drive. The flower borders at front and rear are filling out. Vegetation can been seen growing in the pond. The common land, now called 'The Hills' has been cleared of some vegetation and new paths laid. A large patch at the rear of the houses on Portland Road has been transformed into a wildflower area.

Google map of Selston Common - 14/09/16
Selston Common (altitude 769 metres approximately)

Google map of Bracken House and land - 14/09/16
Bracken House and land (altitude 386 metres approximately)

Google map of Bracken House and gardens - 14/09/16
Bracken House and gardens (altitude 246 metres approximately)

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